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Blender3D and XNA

For the last three weeks I have started modeling the first in-game content for Horizons, the ‘Locust MK I’, using Blender3D and paint.NET. This time round, I’ll go over how I am exporting model and opaque data from blender, texturing the model with UV maps and paint.NET and importing them into XNA.

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SVN and Trac

A lot of developers I speak to often ask if I use a form of SVN (SVN wikipedia) and when I answer in the negative, they usually tell me of the benefits of doing so. Now I haven’t used it (much) before and I’ve never really had a reason to, being that I am working alone on Britonia and I only really use my main computer for development. But I thought, if everyone’s doing it, maybe there are unseen benefits …

So I had a look around on the weekend for project hosting sites which offered free hosting using SVN, and I found a few. Many of the project hosting sites however only offer only free hosting to open source projects, but I did manage to find one called ProjectLocker. It seems to have everything I could need for hosting my project privately and it also offers an intergrating Trac system. So I thought I’d give it a go.

For anybody who hasn’t heard of SVN, basically it offers a way to host your entire project (minus build and object files) on a server and using a tool like TortoiseSVN in windows, you can quick and easily download (checkout) or backup (commit) changes to this one central repository. It also keeps a copy of all versions of a file and logs changes made.

This makes it easy if say, you want to work on your project from several locations, or you have multiple developers working on a project.

For now, while I still haven’t setup it all up – I am hoping that the Trac system will help me focus on specific enhancements and bugs in Britonia. I’m finding that when I sit down I spend a good 1-2 hours just playing with what is already ‘working’; tweaking the heightmaps, changing scattering colours, flying around the planets etc.

If you want to try it out, here are a few links to the tools which I am using :

This can be used to quickly upload/download files in your project.

A plugin for Visual studio professional (does not work on VS Express :()

Project Locker:
There are many hosting sites, but this is the one I choose because its private and free.

Bug tracking system.