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Creating a Planet : Geometry

I have wanted to expand on my previous post regarding ‘Cube to Sphere Projection’ for a while now, so in this article I am going to cover how I define the spherical geometry of the planets in more detail.

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Blender3D and XNA

For the last three weeks I have started modeling the first in-game content for Horizons, the ‘Locust MK I’, using Blender3D and paint.NET. This time round, I’ll go over how I am exporting model and opaque data from blender, texturing the model with UV maps and paint.NET and importing them into XNA.

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Procedural Generation – Textures on the GPU

This small tutorial is really just an extension of the first article I wrote on 3d improved noise on the CPU. More specifically we’ll be getting it to work on the GPU this time.
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Procedural Generation – Textures on the CPU

In this tutorial I’ll be covering how you can use perlin noise and various fractal functions for generating textures either at compile time or run time. This technique can be useful for generating natural looking textures (grass, wood, marble etc.) or heightmaps for your terrains.

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